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About Us

Established in 2002, Nature Brite specializes in home appliances such as Electric Fans, Heaters, Irons and other Kitchen or in-home Appliances, provides our best service to our customers all over the world.
The founders had been in this field for more than a decade before their deciding to run up their own business in Autumn of the year 2002. They chose “Nature Brite” as sign of the business (company name and brand name), partly from their names and partly from their mind.
Nature Brite appreciates the support gained from our business partners including suppliers, customers and service provider (shipping lines, banks…), among which some have been our partners for more than 10 years, starting even before we started our own business. As we always put a long-term-cooperation as our aim, while we try our best to provide a best solution for our customers, it could be complete products, semi-products, components with necessary production tooling, or even service for them.
We thank you for your visiting our web page and hope to be your partner in business.